What are Long Term Validation (LTV) signatures?

  • January 24, 2020
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to digital signatures, people often have many perceptions regarding their authenticity in the future. When signing a document digitally, you generally do not get into the fact of the validity of the signature. Every signed document holds the information regarding its valid tenure. There are some cases where the business documents need to be verifiable for a longer duration and not every solution is capable enough to guarantee the same.

Here is where LTV signatures fall into a picture.

Concept of LTV Signatures

The term LTV stands for Long Term Validation which implies that all the information needed to verify the digital signature is embedded within the PDF file and ensures that it can be used later in the future. LTV plays an important role where you need to know the information like the time and date of signing a document.

How does LTV works?

PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures or PAdES are the set of restrictions and extensions to a PDF file that helps in recognizing the digitally signed documents for many decades. It ensures that the signature was valid at the time it was signed irrespective of the long gap, technological advances or any other.

At the time of signing, if the LTV is enabled, the certificate signing time and date are captured and saved in the PDF file. This gets reflected in the signature details itself and the verification certificate is stored in the file to determine the validity later in the future. The details remain in the certificate irrespective of whether it is revoked or expired.

Pros of LTV Signatures

  • Can be used even after ages for verification
  • Can be used even if the certificated is expired
  • Can be used to check the certificate revocation status
  • Can be used even if the issuing authority no longer is alive
  • Reduces the chances of fraud
  • Can be used in determining the signature and signing certificate
  • Can be used in identifying the time and date of signature
  • Can be used in identifying the location at the time of signing

LTV Signatures now supported at Cygnature

The documents uploaded on the Cygnature platform for digital signatures facilitate the technology of LTV enabled certification. The Cygnature team will help you out it guiding you throughout.

LTV technology will sure sort help your business in reducing the dependencies on third parties and will save your business from forgery.

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