How automated bulk signing can ease your pain?

  • February 20, 2020
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bulk Signing is an automated signing solution that runs on the server to sign pdf documents online without any user intervention. With this solution, thousands of documents can be automatically signed regularly and that too in a few minutes.

Businesses that produce a large chunk of documents that needs to be signed on a daily or weekly basis like invoices, bank statements, bills, HR documents, etc can be digitally signed in bulk with this automated bulk signing solution.

The Need of Bulk Signing Solution

  • According to Corp Magazine, US organizations waste around $8 billion yearly on working with paper documents.
  • Whereas 65% of companies spend their entire day using pen and paper for physical signatures.

With businesses wasting their maximum employee hours on manual signing as well as an increase in a number of files signing per day, organizations were facing difficulties with the traditional work process. Also, medium and large-scale enterprises were in need to send hundreds and thousands of documents to their customers or partners daily. At such a large scale, no manual process can be involved in creating and signing of these pdf documents. This led to the adoption of an automated machine-driven bulk pdf signing solution.

Unique Features of Automated Bulk Signing Solution by Cygnature

  • Supports multiple signing simultaneously
  • Compatible with different servers
  • Supports every file format
  • Supports signature from a smart card, e-token, USB or any other
  • Signing time is recorded
  • Signature logs are recorded
  • Highly secured with document password
  • Supports emailing a digital signature pdf too
  • Allows you to RETRY signing

Working Model of Cygnature Bulk Signing Solution

Working Model of Cygnature Bulk Signing Solution

Key Benefits

  • Cygnature bulk solution also supports multiple folders
  • It allows Custom page signing
  • It allows setting X and Y coordinates for signatures
  • Monitoring appropriately while the on-going automation
  • Can be integrated into the existing software

Where Cygnature Bulk Solution can be used?

This solution falls into the picture where bulk file signing at a faster rate is required.

  • Banking and Finance: To generate and send statements, advice, and reports
  • Retail: To send bills, e-invoices
  • Telecom: To sign and send bills to subscribers
  • HR: Offer letters, Form 16, Appraisal letter, Experience letter, etc

Apart from the above mentioned, this can be used in businesses where the digital authorized signatures are required and that too in bulk.

Benefits from a business perspective

  • Automate & Optimise the business process
  • Seamless integration
  • Enhanced security with digital pdf signatures
  • Reduced costs
  • Fast signing process with 100% authenticity

With Automated bulk signing, document signing can be done in minutes. It’s the most powerful solution by Cygnature which will eliminate your manual bulk signing and speed up your entire business process.

Say hello to our team now if you are catering to any of the above-mentioned businesses.

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