How electronic signature solution boosted HR productivity at Cygnet Infotech

  • By Amee Surani
  • January 17, 2023
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Electronic signature collection reduces administrative expenses for businesses by 55-78% compared to paper (source). Electronic signatures have revolutionized almost every function of an organization that had document processing in the picture. Especially the HR sector has witnessed a lot of automation and intelligent documentation with the help of electronic signatures. Almost every documentation process in the HR department can be done quickly with the help of an esigning solution. 

When hiring an employee, from job offer forms to confirmation letters, numerous documentation processes are involved in onboarding. Whether it’s a full-time employee or contractual, secured documentation is an integral part of the process. 

Employees who get to sign contracts and job offers in traditional hard copy paperwork find themselves in a time-consuming affair. As the Human Resource Department relies on timely, secure, and lawfully binding procedures, adopting the digital style of signing documents electronically will help enhance a secure and faster way of getting legal documents like offer letters, appraisal letters, etc.

Additionally, it will also help with tamper-proofing documents. A shift to electronic signatures can offer enhanced security with forgery-free documents. 

Ultimately, choose electronic signatures and go paperless.

At Cygnet Infotech, the HR team is amazed by the wonders done by adopting an esign solution.

HR productivity

To answer the question mentioned above, here are a few points on how the electronic signature solution boosted HR productivity at Cygnet Infotech: 

Easy employee onboarding

Onboarding employees in a distant geographic region by collecting paper-based documents is time-consuming and inconvenient. Post the signatures, and shipping those documents to and fro to receive signatures can delay the overall onboarding process and may lead to the loss of documents and result in employee drop-off.

Esign solution enables HRs to onboard new employees from any corner of the globe, at any time, just with a few clicks, by sending an invite to digitally sign agreements, offer letters, etc., via email. The solution facilitates the HR department to collect signatures digitally and remotely, making it hassle-free.

Seamless contract workflows

Contract, as well as onboarding workflows, can be easily streamlined with an esigning solution. This solution enables documents to be drafted using legally valid templates and uploaded onto the interface. Even stamp duty is paid online, and documents are stamped digitally. HR representatives can invite employees & other stakeholders to sign them online via email.  

The esign solution also made it easier for our team to manage and store documents quickly on an intelligent dashboard. Digital documentation with eSign helps HR to easily automate, manage, and streamline all the onboarding processes. With the esigning solution, the risk of losing files and mismanagement of documents is minimized to a great extent.

Smooth internal documentation

A highly vital part of HR’s KRA is sending out updates regarding policy updates and all the relevant letters to employees. Gone are the days when printing and handing them over to each employee were preferred. It’s highly time-consuming and costly for employees working remotely.

With digital documentation and eSign solutions, HR professionals are enabled to manage and execute internal documents efficiently on a single interface. Every document such as HR policies, releases, updates, training contracts, employee contracts, certificates, etc., can be managed without the hassle. The electronic signature and easy documentation workflow help HR professionals efficiently manage internal documentation, boosting overall productivity.

Simplified and accurate dashboard

It is highly inconvenient to manage and scale physical files and documents at all times. Also, the storage of paper documents can take up a considerable amount of space, often resulting in the loss of information.

Adopting the esign solution brings in an efficient dashboard that helps track documents and updates about it. It enables not just tracking signature status but also setting reminders and sending alerts to signatories while receiving notifications about all the signing activities.

Reduced Paperwork

A newly hired employee comes with a massive bunch of paperwork that requires a lot of signatures. This becomes a problem for HR professionals as the paperwork becomes time-consuming whenever there is a need for customization. This may hamper their focus on recruiting top talent.

Cost-effective and time saving

According to a report by MSBDocs, about 65% of companies using pen and paper take an entire day to collect signatures on a single document.

Adopting an esign solution and facilitating electronic signatures to the employees can help the HR department work faster than usual. Legal documents that are required to be signed by employees are generally the templates that are pre-drafted.

With an electronic signature solution, candidates can simply eSign the new employee forms and every other document related to the hiring process from anywhere. This makes the overall recruitment method speedy and enables the organizations to stay ahead of the competition.

Book a free demo now to avail the esign solution and boost HR productivity!

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