A Guide to Electronic Signatures with Blockchain Security

In a digitally connected world like ours, digital transformation has become a necessity more than just luxury. The Covid 19 pandemic helped organizations adapt the strategies for digital transformation to maintain the connectivity and keep up with the competition. The tech world witnessed a major shift towards being digitally advanced, this shift helped businesses discover new ways to cater to the customers without being present physically.  

The number of organizations utilizing e-signature has climbed by 50%, while the number of individual users has increased by 13%. Post-pandemic, 69% of survey responders prefer e-signature to in-person signing. 

In this new era of digitization, signing of documents played a key role at multiple levels in business processes. E-signing turned out to be the first step towards the digital transformation and one of the top priorities for the remote work scenario.  

Have you adopted the e-signing methodology in your organization yet? If not, are you planning to? Well, this webinar will help you with a quick crash session about digital signatures and how it simplifies the documentation process of your organization. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • A digital signing walkthrough and ways to simplify traditional methods of business  
  • Digital signing implementation in significant business case scenarios  
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