Why should IT industry adopt Cygnature?

Expedite signing of documents with clients

Many IT companies serve global clients, where projects are broken down into multiple deliverables. Cygnature ensures a hassle-free signing process for diverse stakeholders. The signature collected is legally binding, thus ensuring the signing transaction's validity.

Collect e-Signature for a variety of documents

The IT industry deals with paper-based processes that need to be signed by the sales, legal & delivery team, and clients. Cygnature reduces the back and forth for collecting e-Signature and enables the IT team to collect e-Sign/digital signatures for critical documents like NDA, project contract or agreement documents, change request documents, sign-off documents with ease.

Simplify contract signing

Cygnature e-Signing solution ensures smooth contract signing among vendors for the asset, IT management, and operation staff while maintaining the document's integrity. Additionally, the concerned authority can track who signed what and when minimizing friction.

Simplify and accelerate internal approval

Getting signatures from different stakeholders is a daunting task in any IT operation. For faster execution of orders and timely delivery, IT officials need to get tons of documents approved and signed. With Cygnature, the officials can collect signatures from multiple stakeholders as per the organization hierarchy.

Why Cygnature?

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