Webinar on ‘New ways to utilize eSigning Solution’

For all of your eSigning concerns, Cygnature offers a comprehensive solution. But we saw numerous clients that had trouble making the most of the solution. Few of the challenges that customers face are Fixed Signature Appearance, Doc Verification, Adding additional info/meta data for your documents, Reusing Documents, Delayed Signing if signer not available, Routing of Documents and many more.

This webinar was held to help customers better understand Cygnature, a blockchain-based eSigning solution, and its most recent feature release. All the newly added features were explained in detail through the use cases listed below and the issues brought up by the existing clients were addressed by providing the respective solutions:

  • Configurable Signature Appearance
  • QR Codes based Verification
  • Signer Out of Office Feature
  • Template Management
  • Custom Fields Configuration
  • Parallel, Sequential & Hybrid Workflow
  • IP Restrictions
  • Transfer Document After Signing via SFTP

Key Takeaways

  • To engage and update existing users on newly released features
  • To educate users on various use cases of Cygnature as a product
  • To acquire direct feedback from the users

Watch the full webinar video and deepen your Cygnature understanding!